Planning our autumn

Here at Primewest, harvesting continues on a stop/start basis as we dodge the weather – no change there then! Yields are coming out around average for our farm. On the wide-spaced-seed  Xslot drilled rape it is 4.4t per hectare which is very pleasing.


We are getting on with the organic harvesting too, on our one full dry day we cut 110 acres of organic milling wheat – these yields are looking good too.


All the down time is giving us plenty of time for planning, so don’t forget if you need some XSlot drilling done this autumn, please get in touch, James and Paul would love to hear from you. We have our new 2017 drill in the workshop which is getting its final build and finishing touches. More on this to come, but if you want some drilling done, it will be with this new machine.