Another 4M Primewest drill leaving the Enstone works.

Our latest drill was delivered last week to Steve Herod at A1 Agricultural Contractors near Berkhamstead in Hertfordshire, who is delighted with his purchase. Steve purchased our XSlot drill to reduce establishment costs, obtain more reliable yields, improve soil organic matter, lessen soil compaction and help in the fight against blackgrass. Steve says, ‘with our stony soil, no-till is perfect, as stones are not continually brought to the surface but are progressively buried throught the soil profile. Likewise new blackgrass seeds are not disturbed each year.’

Steve’s drill is part funded by money from LEADER. If you are interested in seeking Leader funding contact your area adviser or have a chat with us as we know how easy it is to make the case to help you take the next step to a more sustainable farm for the future.