About Us

The story so far….

We are Paul, James, Carole and Andi Alexander. Together we have over 30 years farming experience from our base in Oxfordshire. The Alexander family has been in farming for 4 generations, so we like to think that we know what we are talking about and as we continue to farm we are very aware of the issues and pressures that affect agriculture today.


In 2004 we formed Primewest Limited to promote the “No-Tillage” process to UK farming both organically and conventionally. Initially we purchased a drill from New Zealand and commenced contract drilling to establish and prove the “No-Tillage” process in the UK. We soon became Product Specialists for the NZ manufacturer and helped them sell more drills into the UK.


In 2013 we also became machinery manufacturers having designed, developed and manufactured a range of UK direct drills for our own use and for sale. We now have an installed customer base using our own drills and the number is growing. We continue to develop the products and have recently introduced the Comb-Cut and Crimper-Roller to our range. We will continue to add new and improved products to maintain Primewest at the forefront of “No-Tillage” farming in the UK.  And to compliment the manufacturing, we, of course, have a full parts and support activity.


Our farm contracting team use our products and provide a full range of agricultural services you would expect from any farm contractor. Our output serves as a show-case of “No-Tillage” technology as well as providing us with current UK farm experience.


In all our activities, we pride ourselves in being both professional and progressive, seeking ways to make our techniques efficient and cost effective for both us and our clients in everything we do.

The newest member of the Primewest Team accompanying her Dad for a machine handover