Primewest is a family run company based in Oxfordshire UK. We manufacture and sell No-Till drilling equipment and other environmentally aware farm machinery.  Click here for more information
We also do our own farming on both a long term contract basis and on one-off jobs, and of course using our own machinery. This demonstrates to us and our clients (existing and potential) the benefits of our products. Click here for more information
If you are interested in taking on the challenge of a social change in farming and have the confidence and commitment to do so – we would love to help you to achieve this. Please do contact us, our client base is Europewide


This overwinter cover/fallow has been mega for skylarks, lapwings, insects-now drilling another cc pre-wheat for more #EnvironmentalSuccess Retweeted by Primewest Ltd

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Here at Primewest, harvesting continues on a stop/start basis as we dodge the weather – no change there then! Yields…